Oh, Hello, Bikini!

Firstly, hi! It’s been a while. I decided to take the summer off from blogging and to be really present with the three teens. I’ve never taken such a break but all that mum guilt vanished as I was there for them. Mainly taxi servicing, washing, cooking, housing other children and re-stocking the fridge. Oh, the re-stocking of the fridge. Boy, do kids on summer holidays eat! But do you know what? The break was good. I felt less selfish. Not that I’m saying blogging is selfish but when I’m constantly writing and looking at a screen I’m not really being the best parent and, as the days are numbered that my teens are actually going to be home during the summer break, it was a good time to stop for a while.

However, this post isn’t about my summer break. I just felt the need to explain my absence from you lovely bunch! This post is about the power of the bikini. So, more one for the girls amongst my readers. Though the men may have something to say on the matter too!


So, here’s the thing, would you ever answer the door to the delivery guy in your underwear? Even if he was fit? I’m joking! You know what I mean! Would you? Hey, would you answer the door to anyone in your underwear? I’m guessing the brave amongst you may say yes but I’m reckoning the majority of you would say “Hell, no!” And, I’m so with you! The doorbell rings and I’ll frantically grab at any available item of clothing to cover up. That suggests a scene that I spend my days sitting around in my underwear. I don’t. I’m talking about the fact that nine times out of ten that damn bell goes just as I’ve stepped out of the shower!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the teens’ obsession with face-time and the innocent popping into their rooms to grab a top or the hair dryer and their friends see me in my underwear. The humiliation. Oh, and that time the window cleaner appeared at the bedroom window! No, I am not comfortable with strangers or even not strangers seeing me in my bra and knickers.

However, transport that very same girl to a sunny climate, pop her in a bikini and, well quite frankly, voile, ta-dah, woohoo! Hello strangers, look at me in a bikini! Person over there who I’ve never met before “Hi!” Shy girl in her underwear? Who even is she? I’m exaggerating the scene but you get the picture!


This bravery of a bikini is not reserved for just those bikini ready bodies. Which, whilst I’m on the subject, I read a fantastic quote before holiday about how to get a bikini body. Simply buy a bikini and pop it on. Inspired! That was my approach entirely. Oh, along with copious amounts of green tea!

But, here’s the thing. The pressure for any dedication to obtaining whatever is a bikini ready body vanishes more rapidly than you can answer yes to “Rosé darling?” So, quite why we go to the lengths to obtain such perfection is beyond me. Twenty-four hours is what it took to undo any good work I may have attempted! And then with all that Rosé, I stopped caring anyway! Aha, that’s probably why the bikini confidence appears. The answer is Rosé!


Jesting aside though, the brazen power of bikini confidence versus underwear baffles me. Now, must dash, the doorbell has just gone … just saying!



  1. Nice to have you back!
    I love this- you’re spot on . I’ve always wondered the exact same thing. I spent a great many years in Cyprus and going to the beach is a way of life so being in a bikini every summer was the absolute norm. But a part of my logical little brain always thought: why are we all here in our undies? Me, kids,grannies- it’s madness! It’s another strange, societal indoctrination I suppose. Maybe we SHOULD all be in our undies!😂 Or maybe we should be covering up at the beach..? It’s so odd and dichotomous.
    Although now, post baby and half way through a TORTUROUS diet (I exaggerate, it’s not that bad..) I LONG FOR the days when putting a biking on was what I did straight after breakfast without a second thought! 😂
    I don’t think even my reflection would enjoy THAT sight at the moment!
    Oh dear…😂 I’m getting there though!
    Glad you enjoyed your summer and what a fab post to read with my coffee this afternoon. Thanks! 😊☕

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    1. Oh wow to having lived in Cyprus – I crave the lifestyle of living in a warmer climate and the freedom it brings. Ouch to that torturous diet but also well done for embarking on it – you’ll be rocking that bikini in no time! Thank you for taking the time to read this post xx

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  2. Well I’m afraid I haven’t worn a bikini since giving birth for the first time 18years ago – I STILL haven’t shifted the baby weight lol! I feel lovely in a suck-it-all-in, structured and boned one piece so I’m happy with that. I also burn like buggery, and a pink pot belly is not a pleasant sight for anyone! 😂

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  3. First of all GREAT to have you back you wonderful writer you!!
    Secondly, I think so many women will relate to this. I have to admit, after having Josh, I took a little while to feel confident in my body again. I have always been very confident in my figure, so to see the changes your body endures during pregnancy was a lot to get my head around. But now I respect it all the more – it’s grown babies. In fact I’ve probably posted more photos of me in a sports bra and shorts in the last few months as I’ve watched my body change yet again with baby number two, than ever before.
    I won’t scare off our postie by answering the door in my undies but I have answered whilst breastfeeding! Multi Tasking at it’s best eh! Great post – very thought provoking xx #dreamteam

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    1. Thank you so so much for your lovely comment and welcome back! Oh the female and her body – the ongoing enigma! Will we ever stop the obsession? Love that you opened the door breastfeeding – multitasker extraodinaire!! Thank you for your comment lovely xx


  4. Lol, I love this. It is funny how we despair of people seeing us in underwear, but give us a bikini or swimming cozzie and we don’t care lol. Though it does do wonders for the body confidence.

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  5. Haha I had this very thought the other day when buying a bikini, which incidentally I hate to do. I can’t say I am all ta da jazz hands once the bikini is on but I will still strut around in it, which I absolutely would not do were it underwear – weird huh?! Infact I imagine some of my bikinis may actually be more revealing than some of my underwear! Ha! Thanks for joining us lovey – lovely to have you back x

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  6. I burnt my bikini a few years ago now, opting for the more secure comfort of the all in one. To be honest I don’t know why, as nothing quite beats the freedom of a bikini and the “sod it” attitude that comes with wearing one particularly as the years pile on. Maybe next year! #TweensTeensBeyond

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  7. I feel a song coming on here! Totally agree, totally don’t do the opening door in underwear yet totally prance around in a bikini on holiday. I use ‘prance’ lightly here. Yes and yes, sitting in your bikini chatting to people you don’t know, even. Like it’s normal. That’s the wonderful things about holidays, I guess – itsy, witsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini’s! Lovely to have you back at #tweensteensbeyond Helen x

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  8. Over the last year I have put on quite a bit of weight, I’m definitely at my heaviest but you know what – that didn’t stop me from wearing a bikini on holiday this year. I discovered some amazing plus size bloggers/instagrammers and they all looked amazing in a bikini. It made me think if they can do it then so can I! I’m pretty sure no one cared. Although I don’t think I will be answering the door to the postie in my undies. Nice to have to back as well x #dreamteam

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  9. And why is it ok to walk around in a bikini at the swimming pool, but NOT in your underwear?! Weird!
    So lovely to read why you took a blogging break this summer! I didn’t do much blogging either, too busy enjoying my French summer with the kids.

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  10. Ah it’s so nice to have you back again! I think our postman can sense when I’m having a shower because he always rings the doorbell then! Haha. I don’t wear a bikini because I don’t think I can pull it off… and also our holidays recently have been in rainy North Wales which isn’t really the same as wearing one on a beautiful white beach somewhere hot! Haha. #dreamteam


  11. Hi! *waves. It’s great to take a break and it sounds like it felt good, even if you were doing a lot of the usual things. Bikini’s :-O nope, nope, nope. Not for me! As in me… in one is a nope. But I think it’s great that other ladies feel good in them. Bikini’s and just swimwear in general are pretty underwearish. i would never answer the door in a swimming costume that’s for sure. #DreamTeam xx


  12. How strange this is, the exact same thought came to me this Summer when I was on holiday in Greece. There were several Tavernas right on the shoreline and we walked through the outdoor seating areas to get back to our villa. I was perfectly happy to stride between the tables in my bikini as diners tucked into their taramasalata! This was just like strolling through Pizza Express in my bra and knickers which I would obviously never do!! How bizarre. I’m so glad to see you back and that you joined us at #TweensTeensBeyond


  13. And I hope you answered it in your underwear! It’s good to have you back blogging – you’ve been missed lovely lady but what a fab reason to not be around – being present with the kids – right up my street too! Really good post on body confidence – I always thing there sun helps with confidence. 8 seem to stand a bit taller in the sunshine whether I’m wearing a bikini or something else! Xx


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